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Innovative Interfaces is an international library systems company, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides library automation products to public, private and academic libraries worldwide. Over the course of four years, Tenfold designed and developed Innovative’s corporate site, its customer support site, CS Direct, and several product sites, including Encore, SkyRiver, and the corporate blog, What’s Brewing. As a group, the Innovative Interfaces projects provide a particularly good example of Tenfold’s strength as an integrated solutions provider—each project is unique, conceptually and technically, and targets a slightly different audience, and yet together they support and convey a unitary organization. Within this group of websites, CS Direct provides an excellent example of Tenfold’s skill as an IT provider. This comprehensive customer support site combines a highly intuitive graphical user interface with a backend that is at once powerful and easy to maintain. It enables customers to search thousands of pages of documentation, report problems and track support tickets, search databases of known issues, and submit their own documentation through wikis. It also interfaces with Saleslogix CRM systems and WebEx online courses.

According to Innovative Interfaces senior marketing staff, our work has had a very positive effect on the company’s acceptance among new clients and ultimately its market share. Our customer-support-site redesign has also received overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews, which has resulted in renewed commitment to Innovative by established clients. We count this as a particularly noteworthy accomplishment. Research suggests (and our own experience confirms) that inertia compels established customers to abide even substandard online support systems, voicing only occasional descent and almost never commenting on improvement. Our redesign seems to be the exception that proves the rule.

  • It’s rare to find, in a small firm, the skill, knowledge, experience, strategic wherewithal, and sheer enthusiasm that Tenfold brings to the table. We’ve worked with them on several websites, including our customer support site, which is mission critically important to us. Their work is without exception excellent. They often surprise us and always surpass our expectations. Gene ShimshockSenior Vice President, Product and Market Management, Innovative Interfaces