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    Our Process

    Every organization has a story

    If there were a shortcut to quality work, we’d take it. But over the past twenty years we’ve learned that successful communication requires the rigorous integration of ideas, art, and technology, and typically that calls for the long haul. So here’s what we do: First we evaluate. Every organization has a story. Principal characters include products, services, and of course clientele. We start our relationship with you by getting to know both what you do and how you do it, so that we can help you tell your story in the most effective way.

    Not just another pretty face

    Then we develop and present to you a plan. Ideas drive design; there’s no way of getting around it. A fancy page devoid of meaning is just another pretty face. Our planning document includes our version of your story, recommendations on what technologies to employ, and the information design scheme that we think will serve you best.

    Next, we create two or more graphical design concepts. For every project there is an ideal synthesis of content and form, and we do our no-holds-barred best to capture that ideal. Each of our designs incorporates an identity that expresses uniquely who you are and what you do. Based on your critique, we then create the final product.

    Customer satisfaction

    Whether it’s a technical report, a web site, a video, or a speaker support system, we guarantee the highest degree of quality control. We test and retest, and we make sure that you are satisfied with every facet of our product.

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    Why Tenfold?

    We enjoy a wide array of clients—scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, government officials. Many of them are specialists, narrowly focused. By providing perspective, rigorous problem solving, and communication that is engaging, clear and precise, we liberate them to do what they do best.

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