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UC Irvine

Universities used to be elite institutions, catering to an elect few. Over time, they’ve changed to accommodate increasingly large numbers of students. Somewhere during that transformation, “distance learning” was born, to serve students who for myriad reasons simply couldn’t make it to class. More recently still, online distance learning brought the university to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. That was longer ago than you might think, predating massive open online course consortia (MOOCs), such as edX and Coursera, by decades. We know; we were there. In the early 1990s, we helped UC Berkeley create its first online distance learning program, which it made available to students over AOL (remember America Online?). More recently, we’ve been working with UC Irvine Extension to develop dynamic user interfaces and online courseware templates like those displayed above.

  • Tenfold combines an understanding of the underlying technologies and softwares with a solid background in the design of user interfaces. They have handled everything we have thrown at them, including a few curve balls, and returned work on time and on budget. From large scale production jobs involving hundreds of web pages to iterative work on user interfaces, they show a concern for quality, an eye for design, and an attention to detail. Larry CoopermanDirector, OpenCourseWare at University of California, Irvine