• Tenfold

    What We Do

    We organize information. We devise intelligible and innovative ways of displaying data. We develop intuitive information architecture that renders everything we produce easy and enjoyable to navigate and comprehend. We create unique and compelling graphic design and integrate it strategically, harmoniously, across all kinds of media. We create content, with words, images, and sound. And we work happily within constraints—temporal, conceptual, and budgetary. Charles Eames, renowned architect and technology pioneer, boasted a bring-them-on enthusiasm for constraints of all kinds. We concur.


    • Information engineering and design
    • Web, multimedia and social media development
    • Subject matter expertise
    • Technical writing and editing
    • Data analysis
    • Online course development
    • Video production
    • Graphic design
    • Publication planning
    • Audience profile development
    • Project management and direction
    • Administrative support

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    Why Tenfold?

    We enjoy a wide array of clients—scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, government officials. Many of them are specialists, narrowly focused. By providing perspective, rigorous problem solving, and communication that is engaging, clear and precise, we liberate them to do what they do best.

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