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GSA’s Public Building Service (PBS) oversees more than 8,600 buildings, which provide workspace for more than a million federal employees, making PBS one of the nation’s largest and most influential commercial landlords. GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program conducts studies that bear on the performance and effectiveness of those buildings, and that therefore have enormous impact on such things as energy use, sustainability, and employee satisfaction—when their findings are successfully developed and conveyed. Toward that end, GPG engaged Tenfold to evaluate studies (completed and proposed) as well as GSA organizational structure and to develop communication strategies and products that summarize and disseminate research findings in ways that are suitable for targeted distribution. Among the products are presentations for in-person delivery, white papers, interactive tools, Preliminary Technology Assessments (PTAs), and a series of research synopses titled “Findings.” All communication products and tools are available on the GPG website, which Tenfold designed and implemented. This project is ongoing and now includes a primary role for Tenfold in evaluating national laboratory research results.

  • Tenfold has become instrumental to our program. Our job is to assess innovative and often complicated technologies and publish actionable recommendations for their use in public buildings throughout the country. Tenfold is involved in every step of that process, from analyzing our laboratory reports to writing, designing, and publishing our findings. They are a lean and able team, and they are problem solvers. Kevin PowellProgram Manager, Green Proving Ground
    U.S. General Services Administration